This may shock you, me saying this, but you don’t need an agent.


What you do need is:


1.Attend a drama group regularly

2.Enjoy performing. Watch and listen

3.Go to the theatre and read the programme

4.Watch a range of films from different genres

5.Read books on acting and actors biographies

6.Find a supportive family member who will drive you to rehearsals, shows and auditions

7.Contact the film departments at your local colleges and uni’s and see if they keep a list of actors for their student films

8.Follow casting directors on social media

9.You can find out who casts what by reading the credits at the end of tv shows and films

10.You can find Casting Directors by going to and click Casting

11.Look out for open calls for pantomimes and musicals

12.Join an extras agency, under 18’s may need to join with a parent

13.Get headshots done

14.Type up a CV

15.Write scripts with friends, film them on your phones and edit on iMovie, make a number of them so you improve

Don’t focus on getting jobs, focus on gaining experience, skills, contacts and knowledge.  And the jobs will follow, in time.  Have patience.  This is a life long mission not a short term goal.