“So, Your Child Wants to go to Drama School”
By Amanda B Cosgrove

What a great book! This is a practical, easy to read, guide for parents of young people who want to go to drama school, whether that’s to study Musical Theatre or straight acting. It takes you right through from the initial conversation when your child announces they want to go to drama school right through to the first day of term.
There’s a very useful appendix with so much info to save you endless searching online. Laid out in tables so easy to compare colleges and what they offer and their requirements.
For me, personally, its such a long time since I went to drama school and did the rounds of auditions, rejections, recalls and then finally acceptance that the system has completely changed. So when I advise parents and young people of options for drama school I need to keep my knowledge up to date and not just think back to “my day”. This book will now always be on my desk ready to recommend to all parents of children wanting to take the drama school route.
Amanda’s gone through it all with her son who is now a professional Musical Theatre performer and is sharing her first hand experience. She has also done so much research to make sure the reader embarks on the process of applying for drama school armed with everything they need.
I love, love that Amanda has highlighted the difference between University and Drama School and how having a Plan B is NOT a good idea! These are things I find myself repeating to parents. If you have a plan B you’ll end up doing the plan B!
The layout of the chapters means you can read it cover to cover or dip in to the section you need. For example when your child is writing their personal statement you can follow Amandas guidance instead of staring at a blank page worrying!
Her voice is refreshing and real and you come away feeling that you’re not alone as a parent with a child stepping into the void that is applying to drama school.
This is a positive, realistic approach to what is a daunting quest for parents and their child destined for a career in the performing arts.
I cannot recommend this book enough!

photo credit Amanda B. Cosgrove