Opening night of Legally Blonde, February 27th, 2020 is a night everyone involved in will remember for a very long time to come.  It marked the end of a year long funding application process with The National Lottery who were totally brilliant throughout and are an ongoing support for The Talent Shack.

Our 74 seater retractable seating unit was provided by Audience Systems and they pulled out all the stops to get it build and installed in time for our opening night. What should have been a 3 day install become a one day turnaround and was awe inspiring to watch!

The look on the faces of the cast when they arrived for show week and saw our fancy red seats for the first time was just priceless. And then when the first night audience arrived and took their seats – I had to take a photo!

Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund for helping us realise our dream of creating a small, intimate theatre space to enable performers from within the community to learn and grow on their own terms.